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Tired of the same old story?

Award-winning producer and director, author, and motivational speaker James Sweigert shows people how creating a new story can transform their life with his first book “If You Say So.”

James Sweigert has lived many lives, from stand-up comic to award-winning executive producer and director. For the last 30 years he has been a mentor and motivational speaker. His newest roles are as an author and self proclaimed “Life Cheerleader”, but life hasn’t always been so cheerful.

“The ‘stories’ I told myself, ‘stories’ I created after various ‘events’ in my childhood – that I was unlovable, that I didn’t deserve kindness or affection because I just couldn’t get my act together long enough to earn those things – those stories shaped my outlook on life for a very long time.”

The youngest of seven, James struggled to be seen and stay safe. He began to be molested at the age of 7, and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the chaos and abuse. These behaviors led to severe depression and a suicide attempt at the age of 25. This self-destructive pattern continued until he changed his story – and his life. He now knows that you can do anything you set your mind to, if you say so.

The Power of the Spoken Word

After the suicide attempt James asked his brother for help, and the power of those spoken words has guided him through life. Help arrived in the form of mentors and teachers, tools, hope, dreams coming true, success, and wealth.

“It took a radical shift in perspective for me to step off that path and start working toward a new life.”

“If You Say So” teaches you to transform your life using proven and practical techniques like the power of the spoken word. Visualization, meditation, vision boards, and mantras all play an important role in moving forward. But it’s not just positive thinking and affirmations; you have to be willing to do the work. Without the effort and willingness to change, there is no growth.

This Abraham Lincoln quote sums up the power of the spoken word: “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” There is greatness in all of us and the universe wants us all to flourish. And just as a plant needs sunlight and water to grow, the power of the spoken word will help you grow towards the life you desire. Claim and manifest the things you want. Make your mind up to be happy! The universe will present any story you tell it, negative or positive. So be on your own side. Transform your life using the power of the spoken word.

Changing Your Story

What’s your “story”? The story you tell yourself in the dark? The story you tell yourself when you’re sick, tired, or lonely? The story you tell yourself about your life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I have been clean and sober for over thirty years now, and I’ve been able to stick to my sobriety not because it was easy to maintain – addictions never make anything easy – but because I changed the way I speak about my relationship with alcohol and drugs.”

Drugs and alcohol were once core elements of James’ story, but now they are just footnotes. Changing the narrative is an effective way to make the space needed to create a new story. Stop telling yourself the “stories” from your childhood that are keeping you from achieving happiness and greatness. Put a period at the end of one story and give yourself permission to start creating a new one.

Finding Happiness & Success

You can’t experience true success without being happy first – which is why the core message of the book is to follow your bliss and be true to yourself. Both can be a bit more difficult than they sound. Many people believe money is the key to happiness and success, but that’s not true. The stories you tell yourself will make you rich or keep you poor. If success and happiness are your goals, this book shows you how to achieve them through personal development.

“There are two types of people, Helpers – that give money or help people through intensive work – and Takers. The greatest people in history have all been Helpers. What side of history do you want to be on?”

Morale isn’t a line item on the spreadsheet but it affects the bottom line. Professional productivity is another positive outcome of changing your story. Powerful words like integrity and positive reinforcement are key management techniques that provide results. James is currently on retainer as a professional and personal coach with several business owners, executives, and corporations. Through the 141 Program James is able to keep his work inclusive and available to all. For every paid speaking engagement, he offers a pro bono talk to non-profit groups or underfunded programs who may benefit from his message.

He teaches them how to use the power of the spoken word to:

* Increase Sales by Changing Old Stories
* Motivate Staff With Positive Reinforcement
* Improve Morale
* Overcome Adversity with Integrity

Life Cheerleader

Call him a Mentor, Self-Care Expert, Life Cheerleader, or a Lifesaver – just don’t call him a Life Coach. Throughout the book he shares harrowing experiences of narrowly escaping death, such as the shocking moment when he saved a man from overdosing in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant. Changing your story through the power of the spoken word will teach people to:

* Overcome Adversity
* Overcome Trauma
* Create the Life They Always Wanted
* Become the Person They Always Wanted to Be
* Become Truly Successful and Happy

James is a dynamic storyteller who learned that how he was telling his own story shaped the outcome of his life. Inside the book you’ll learn more about James’ self-care stories, struggles, and successes that prove: when you change your story you can transform your life.

“You already have the playbook inside you; I am here to help you crack it open so you can win the game!”

For more information, visit www.jamessweigert.com.

PRESS RELEASE 9/23/19 Tired of the same old story?

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